1009D Cleanroom Wipers

1009D Cleanroom Wipers

Model No.︰0609

Brand Name︰XUXIN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Dust Free Industrial Use Cleanroom Wipers



1.Compact structure, Low ion content, fiber is hardly to drop off, low dust produced.

2.Soft material, smooth, no scratches left on the surface of product after cleaning.

3.No agglomerant and chemical additives.

4.Good moisture absorption.

5.Efficient grease &water absorption. 

6.Strong tensile & breaking strength, no-easy fluffing ,economic and high efficiency.

7.High-temp resistance, up to 260-300 degree.

8.Solvent-resistant chemicals.
9. Antistatic, portable, removable design.

Technical data: 

Typical properties value Unit
edge  cold cut 
material  55% Polyester  45%wood pulp
specification  9''*9'' inch
class  10000 class
basic weight  60+/- 5% g/mP2p
thickness  0.25+/-0.3 mm
ability of absorption >820 ML/m2
rate of absorption ≤1.75 S
paticles 0.3μ m <100000pcs  count/ft
tensile  MD N/5*10cm 166.3N
CD 39.9N
Elongation  MD % 22.9
CD 117.3


Product type

Part# size  stacked/Bulk Packing 
pcs/bag bags/case
WIP-0609 9''*9'' stacked 300PCS/BAG 10
WIP-0609 6''*6'' stacked 300PCS/BAG 30
WIP-0609 4''*4'' stacked 1200PCS/BAG 10


1. WIP-600 series cleanroom wiping paper is adopted the latest technology from 55% original wood pulp and 45% polyester, with sheet packing.

2. It's convenient to use and carry, with properties of cleanness, no debris, a strong stretch strength and high absorption.

3. It's widely used to remove water, dust and grease on the circuit board surface, in electronic industries with high absorption, no-easy fluffing, strong tensile strength on both vertical and horizontal aspects, excellent wet strength and suitable for a variety of solvents.


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Packing︰ Standard packing

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