Auto Wire Stripping Cutting machine

Auto Wire Stripping Cutting machine

Model No.︰X-501B2

Brand Name︰XUXIN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

wire cutting stripping machine,copper wire stripping machine,scrap wire stripping machine
The model is a factory successfully developed its own high-tech products. Main widely used in the electronics industry, electric power, injection molding equipment, electric tools, automobile and motorbike industry, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, air conditioners, washing machines, electronic instruments, toys, lamps, transformers, connectors and other types of products, wiring harness processing. Appropriate wire stripping:PVC/teflon/silica gel line /Glass fiber etc. This product USES the LCD screen people dialogue mode, with nice appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, speed, precision higher character. Wire length can set arbitrary, according to the customer request free to change, different degree of finish off wire, also have on row line, sheath line, power lines and bushing cutting functions.
X-5001 four short two-lane model
AC 110V/220V/ 50/60Hz 
Rated 200W
Full English LCD Display 
Cutting length:
Stripping length: 
Line head 0-35, line tail 0-15
Cutting Tolerance: 
(0.2±0.002xL) mm
Cut the middle of stripping: 
Core cross-section cut-line:
0.1~2.5mm² ( AWG16#-AWG32#)
Conduit diameter:
Appropriate wire stripping: 
PVC, Teflon, glass and wire
Blade Material:   
Hard tungsten steel
 Stripper speed (Article / h): 
L=100mm, 5000-15000pcs/h
 Drive Mode:  
 Four-wheel drive

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