Label Dispenser MAS1150D

Label Dispenser MAS1150D

Model No.︰MAS1150D

Brand Name︰China

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Application scope:

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic surveillance codes, bar codes, etc.

Applicable products: all products requiring label or film;

Application industry: widely used in food, toys, cosmetic, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics, printing and other industries;

Application examples: Labeling on the assembly line of the toy, labeling the food packaging line on the line, and labeling the electronic product on the assembly line.


Available Width: 4 ~ 140mm

Available Length: 4 ~ 200mm

Inner paper core: 75mm

Max. OD of Roll: 250mm

Power Supply: AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz

Measurement & Weight: 210*220*215mm  5.0Kg

Outside packing: 280*260*280mm  Packing weight: about 6 kg.


1. Electronic control system, simple operation. Automatic peeling, label formation, no wrinkles.

2. One machine can be used by more than one person, and the efficiency is doubled. Interval or continuous whole roll type or bar code can be applied.

3, SENSOR can slide left and right, allowing users to freely choose the direction when stripping multi-mode labels.

4, the scope of application of electronic manufacturing industry, chemical industry, food processing industry, logistics and distribution industry.
5. Ideal for small labels and small work areas

6. Will dispense labels and die-cut parts

7. No tools required for adjusting to different size labels, No maintenance required

8. High Torque Imported Motor for large diameter label rolls

9. LCD counter can show how many labels has been dispensed.

Payment Terms︰ TT, Western Union, Paypal

Packing︰ Standard Export Package

Lead Time︰ within 3 days after receipt of payment

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